CMAP's Regional Indicators Workshops in Northeastern Illinois


The Regional Indicators Project is part of CMAP’s innovative GO TO 2040 comprehensive planning campaign. To develop and evaluate strategies for implementing the GO TO 2040 regional vision, we’re working with partners to create indicators for predicting and measuring economic, environmental, social, and cultural variables that affect quality of life.

Imagine being able to choose the gauges most valuable to you and your community. And imagine having access to up-to-date information about each, with the click of a mouse. Then being able easily to tabulate, analyze, or map the data. CMAP is developing exactly that type of web interface to facilitate access for local officials, planners, and other decision makers.

Take a trip with us to your community’s future… Sit in the driver’s seat, and imagine your dashboard has gauges to measure all the significant indicators of progress toward sustainable regional prosperity.

An upcoming series of workshops is your chance to weigh in. What gauges do you want on your dashboard? Employment rates? Foreclosure rates? Air quality? Traffic congestion? Water supply? Others?

See our Google Map for Workshop locations in Northeastern Illinois.


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