Joel Kotkin's New Geography Celebrates CNU 20

Winter Park, FL author Richard Reep, a writer for Joel Kotkin's New Geography website, came to CNU 20 to critically examine the "excellent accomplishments of CNU20 attendees: a credible car/pedestrian strategy, some fine looking new communities, and perhaps best of all, a body of hard-won knowledge about town-making for citizen education"

Reep notes the 20th anniversary event "was optimistic and confident, but an undercurrent of negativism marred the event," as New Urbanists gathered to question why the movement hasn't become fully enmeshed as standard practice and orthodoxy. Yet Reep also writes of the "curious point in the life of this laudable and lasting movement," and of " the coming of age of a new regulatory regime," all on display at CNU 20.

Read Reep's full account by clicking here.


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