Sprawl Repair

Best Practices In Sprawl: Apartments

When I visted Fargo, North Dakota, I saw a few things I liked, such as a nicely fixed-up downtown and a beautiful historic district just south of downtown.  ... read more »

Physician Involvement in Planning

  ... read more »

Occupy Sprawl: Easier, Faster and More Productive

DPZ's Galina Tachieva puts the recent Wall Street protests into the context of the scourge of sprawl: Inspired by the recent popular discontent expressed so colorfully on Wall Street, I offer this proposal: Occupy Sprawl!  ... read more »

The Sprawl Repair Manual Earns Silver Award From The National Association of Real Estate Editors

Congratulations to Galina Tachieva is due! ... read more »

The Sustainable Communities Initiative

The Sustainable Communities Initiative View article with images, formatting, links and comments at http://blog.sustainableindustries.com/category/built-environment/ MaryVogel | July 21, 2010 ... read more »