Help Students for New Urbanism with Interview Series!

Just a quick reminder that CNU is working on creating a Students for New Urbanism primer! We're creating a start up kit for university chapters that will include a video interview series that they can use to guide their meetings. Check out the original blog post here. We'll be hosting a conference c... read more »

National Stakeholder Call on Nation Prevention Council Action Plan

Join interested citizens across the nation on Wednesday, June 13th to learn more about The National Prevention Council Action Plan. The plan, compiled by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, aims to shift the national focus to prevention and wellness via pulic, priva... read more »

Calling All Students!

After a successful Open Source session with students at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach, CNU student members and staff are working together to bring New Urbanism to your campus! Students for New Urbanism (SNU) are student chapters of CNU that help share the ideas and benefits of New Urbanis... read more »

Applications Extended for Archeworks 2011-2012 Program

Back in April, we had posted a notice from our friends at Archeworks concerning their application process for their 2011-12 program. In case you missed it, the design organization has extended their application process till August 15th. Read below for the most recent specs from Archeworks on th... read more »

Cool Planning: LEED-ND in Plain English

In giving some advice on LEED-ND on Pro-Urb, John Anderson once wrote "LEED-ND is a reasonable (but in my view excruciating) way to go."  He suggested other paths to get to a similar place with "less brain damage." ... read more »

"The quality of our joinery"

I came away from the Thursday morning session on “The City of Continuity: New Urbanism and Historic Preservation” with a lot of interesting ideas. But my favorite phrase was from Ann Daigle, who’s working with the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment to help train a new generation i... read more »

The Inspiration of the Open Source Congress at CNU 19: A guest post by Edward Erfurt

This blog post is dedicated to introducing you to Open Source, so you will be inspired to bring a topic to Madison. CNU 19 is hosting an en masse Open Source Congress. Bring your thoughts and topics to discuss with other urbanists from across the globe.  ... read more »

Young, Educated, & Urban - a guest post by Sharon McMillan, the New Urban Mom

Sharon McMillan is the voice behind The following is a guest post from her and examines the urban-minded values that have been instilled in the emerging Millennial generation: ... read more »

Archeworks Now Accepting Applications

The following post comes from our friends at Archeworks. Archeworks is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary design organization  dedicated to envisioning and advancing a better quality of life through design. See below for information regarding their upcoming open application process for their 201... read more »

John Norquist to Speak at Northwestern University Summit on Sustainability

The Northwestern University Summit On Sustainability (NU SOS) is a conference that calls on college students and sustainability leaders to think critically about their work while building a community to advance social justice and sustainability. ... read more »