Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

At a Time of Growing Concerns about the Future of the Planet, a Document that Builds on the Vision of Sustainability Inherent in the Charter

The Charter of the New Urbanism is the guiding document of the new urbanist movement. Although it offers an encompassing vision of sustainable urbanism from the scale of the region to the block and building, three leading CNU members, including two who had a central role in drafting the original Charter, undertook an effort to clarify and detail the relationship between New Urbanism and sustainability.

The resulting document, The Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, is designed to serve as a set of operating principles for human settlement that reestablish the relationship between the art of building, the making of community, and the conservation of our natural world.

The CNU board has adopted the Canons for education, field-testing, and refinement in 2008 and 2009. During this time, members are welcome to sign onto the Canons to show their endorsement of its principles. The first signers are the authors: Elizabeth Moule, Hank Dittmar, and Stefanos Polyzoides, who incorporated comments and suggestions from numerous urbanists. The authors thank Mary Walp for her role in editing and designing the document.

To sign onto the Canons, please send your name to

Signers of the Canons

Hank Dittmar

Elizabeth Moule

Stefanos Polyzoides

Lucy Rowland

Paul Crabtree

Daniel K. Slone

Thom Shepard

Joe De Luca

Cristina Polyzoides

Thomas Havel

Christian Arndt

Roxanne Qualls

Stephen Filmanowicz

Matthew Hardy

C. David Day

Edward W. Erfurt IV

Dan Solomon

David Thurman

Russell Bloodworth

Stephen Coyle

Chad W. Adams

William Demnis

Heather Boyer

Jim Walker

Victor B. Dover

Brian White

Thomas E. Low

Sandy Sorlien

Guy Pearlman

R. Eric Moser

John Walter

Robert Kramer

Richard D. Felsing

Anne Fairfax

Jamie Greene

Stehpen Coyle

Kristine Seitz

Dena Belzer

Robin Rather

David Goldberg

Timothy Pellowski

Roger E. Eastman

John K. Wolff

Darius Wilson

Jackie Grimshaw

Hazel Borys

Jason Twill

Philip Harris

Patrick S. Van Pelt

Michael O'Neil

Jennifer Hurley

Susan H. Henderson

Frederick R. Bonci

Laura B. French

Eric S. Brown

Gayla F. Schmitt

Cheney B. Ferguson

Sinclair Black

Barbara Koerble

Karen E. Pavolek

Philip Langdon

Payton Chung

Heather J. Cooke

Thomas J. Comitta Jr.

Lucy Gailbrath

Patrick Siegman

Sam Newberry

Robert Orr

Jamie Correa

Darell E. Smith

David Crossley

Melissa M. McCallough

Catherine Johnson

Tim Kramer

Joel Schwartz

Nora M. Black

Gregory K. Lipscomb

Tim Van Meter

Andy Kunz

Patrick Kelly

Demetri Baches

Mallory Baches

Brandon Chase Bell

Hermila Tinoco

R. John Anderson

Marco Negro

Kenny Craft

Padriac Steinschneider

Nikos Salingaros

Lee Rayburn



Read the full text of the Canons.