CNU Continuing Education Partners

CNU's Continuing Education Partners provide education to professionals in the techniques of New Urbanism.

The Seaside Institute serves as a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas on the design and redesign of communities around the world. See their upcoming schedule of Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences.

CNU-A Continuing Education Providers

The CNU-A Continuing Education Provider Program expands the available continuing education options available to CNU-A members, thereby making it easier to maintain CNU-A status. CNU-A Continuing Education Providers help members fulfill their attendance goal by offering one or more New Urbanism-related education events per year. CNU-A Continuing Education Providers will be listed on the CNU-Accreditation webpage and will have their events listed on CNU’s calendar.

For further information regarding CNU-A, please visit

PlaceMakers's mission is to bring the wisdom of traditional placemaking to the community-building challenges of the new economy.

The FBCI mission is to advance the knowledge and use of, and develop standars for, Form-Based Codes as a method to achieve a community vision based on time-tested forms of urbanism.

Non-profit educational institution: The National Charrette Institute (NCI) is a nonprofit educational institution that advances the fields of community planning and public involvement through training, coaching, research and educational resources. In addition to providing CNU-A qualified events, members receive a 10% discount on workshop registration rates; simply provide a copy of your CNU membership card when registering. Click for more information on NCI's Certificate Programs.

Vision joins with others to promote more livable, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible growth on Long Island through Smart Growth. Vision supports mixed-use, mixed-income communities that are convenient, attractive, pedestrian-friendly, and make affordable housing and public transportation desirable and realistic. A key objective is to strengthen communities from the start by actively involving local stakeholders in planning.

The School of Architecture’s mission is founded in the faculty commitment to community and its focus on the city as a work of art and architecture. The school is a forum for the work of New Urbanism, an international movement with a charter of 27 principles addressing issues ranging from the scale of a region to individual buildings. Those principles form a vision which guides the programs of the UMSA.

The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism is an online course offered by the University of Miami School of Architecture. You can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. Complete the course in preparation to get your CNU-Accreditation.

Eco El Paso provides educational training seminars and presentations to promote eco-sensitive and energy efficient community planning, building design and construction to professionals in the construction, design and operation industry.