Rainwater-in-Context works to institute rainwater management practices that strengthen and fully complement New Urbanism at all scales. High-performance rainwater solutions and dense, walkable urbanism can benefit each other when skillfully coordinated.

However, rainwater management policies that fail to recognize the value of urban density may impair water quality at the larger watershed scale. Rainwater management practices that misunderstand contextual urban design may impair the functioning and attractiveness of walkable built environments.

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in green infrastructure and low-impact design. Rainwater regulations are becoming ever more stringent, but often without a clear understanding of and commitment to new urbanism. Rainwater-in-Context engages with policymakers, scholars, and practitioners to counter the growing trend of poorly framed policies and practices.

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Rainwater-in-Context has a record of substantial accomplishments since its formation in 2010. We have worked with state, local, and federal EPA officials to improve existing and proposed regulations. Group members have presented at professional conferences and engaged in public debates with leading practitioners. Members have written articles for professional audiences, including a series published in Stormwater Magazine. Rainwater-in-Context has commented on rainwater credits in both the LEED and Sustainable Sites rating systems. Members have collaborated on competition entries that demonstrate the superior performance of new urban design.

Get Involved

Rainwater-in-Context welcomes support and participants at all levels, and seeks new ideas to pursue and extend its agenda. For news, discussion, and debate, contact rainwater (at) cnu.org to join the Rainwater-In-Context listserv.