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Welcome to the CNU Public Library. On this page, you can access a variety of resources that represent some of the most engrossing, pertinent and necessary studies and articles being done on behalf of urbanism. While not affiliated or associated with CNU directly, these reports illustrate outstanding and thoughtful work addressing the urban condition.

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Is subsidized housing in sustainable neighborhoods? Evidence from Chicago
Emily Talen, Julia Koschinsky
Affordability in New Urbanist Development: Principle, Practice, and Strategy
Emily Talen
Location Efficiency and Housing Type--Boiling it Down to BTUs
Jonathan Rose Companies
The Economic Impacts of High Speed Rail: Transforming the Midwest
Midwest High Speed Rail Association
Michigan's Pioneering Urbanist: John Nolen
Robert Gibbs
Prospects for Walkable, Mixed-Income Neighborhoods Report Prepared for the Oram Foundation
Emily Talen
Tactical Urbanism
The Streets Plan Collaborative & The Next Generation of New Urbanists
Commercial Buildings Tax Credit
Architecture 2030
ReThink280: A Real Regional Solution
Next Economy: State Profiles
The Brookings Institution
Legislative Alert
South Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association
Sprawl in Canada an the United States
Michael E. Lewyn
Transportation Elasticities: How Prices and Other Factors Affect Travel Behavior
Todd Litman
Can Smart Growth Policies Conserve Energy and Reduce Emissions?
Todd Litman
The State of South Carolina Commercial Center Revitalization Act
Changing Vehicle Travel Price Sensitivities: The Rebounding Rebound Effect
Todd Litman
U.S. Metro Economies
The U.S. Conference of Mayors and The Council for the New American City
A Misshapen Memorial to President Eisenhower
Dhiru Thadani
Natural Condition Report: Ventura River Watershed Hydrology Model
Tetra Tech
Over the River: The Future of the Crescent City Connection Bridge & Ferries
Bureau of Governmental Research
Transportation and Health: Policy Interventions for Safer, Healthier People and Communities
Delivering Mixed Use Development at Neighbourhood & Street Block Scales
The Scottish Government
Delivering Mixed Use Development in a New Neighbourhood
The Scottish Government
Regional and Intergovernmental Planning
American Planning Association
Affordable Housing Policy Guide: Smart Code Module
Jennifer Hurley, Nicole Brown
Vancouver Separated Bike Lane Business Impact Study
Stantec Consulted Ltd.
Healthy Community Design