Form a CNU Chapter

Groups of members go through two phases to become full-fledged chapters. Informal Interest Groups first must raise support in their area and sign a petition with any 20 CNU members to start a Chapter Organizing Committee, which has no dues and mostly functions to achieve full chapter status. Once the group has the support of enough CNU members and has raised enough money to get started, it incorporates as an nonprofit organization and signs the CNU chapter agreement.

A CNU chapter is an independent nonprofit corporation representing the interests of the CNU members in its region. It has an independent board of directors. It can hire staff, host events, contract for services, and work with volunteers. It can have its own local programs and initiatives. It is allowed to use CNU's brand identity —– such as logos, colors, and name —– in return for helping to spread New Urbanism and recruit members for CNU.

We are excited about the mutual support that regional chapters and the international CNU can give one another. CNU will have a consistent local voice to translate the Charter for local audiences, to host educational speakers and other events, and to gather together our supporters for mutual benefit.

Chapter organizing documents are available for download below.


Steps to Organize a Chapter


Chapter Organizing Checklist
Sample Chapter IRS Filings
Chapter Policies Handbook


Chapter Organizing Committee Petition

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