CNU Project for Transportation Reform Annual Summit 2014

CNU Transportation Summit 2014

At our Project for Transportation Reform summit, CNU brings together planners, designers, engineers, and public officials committed to creating and advancing transportation standards and policies that support urbanism and promote equity and equitable development.

Post-Summit Review

This year’s Summit, Equity + Transportation, will focus on the interaction between equity and transportation and how we can redefine transportation standards to support safe, vibrant, and equitable streets. For decades, U.S. transportation policy gave priority to automobile movement over the social and economic needs of the people living along our streets. Highways and wide arterials divided pre-existing neighborhoods, degraded the public realm, and created travel spaces unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Much of CNU’s transportation work — such as our Highways to Boulevards initiative and the CNU/ITE collaboration Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares — helps to reverse decades of inequity.

The purpose of the Summit is to explore the following questions:

  1. How do we revitalize corridors in distressed communities?
  2. How do we complete “incomplete” streets by building great, beautiful and equitable streets?
  3. Is there a research, policy, or design gap in this area that CNU could address? If so, what?

This year’s Summit will continue to drive the efforts and progress CNU's Project for Transportation, leveraging the expertise of participants in smaller working sessions to tackle issues relating to:

What To Expect

Aligning transportation and land use is critical for revitalizing distressed communities. Economic vitality, community stability, and environmental health cannot be sustained without a coherent and supportive physical framework, including well-designed streets. For too long, revitalization has meant tearing down what's currently there and bringing in something “new” while streets have been designed for cars at the expense of other users. How can we plan for transportation outcomes that positively impact all modes and all users while revitalizing our distressed corridors, while not displacing local businesses and residents?

This three-day summit of presentations, discussions, tours, and working meetings will challenge participants to identify research opportunities, policy strategies, and design approaches that make transportation policy more holistic and equitable. These discussions around Equity + Transportation will form the basis of CNU’s work on this topic for the upcoming year.


Ford Foundation Building
320 E 43rd St
New York, NY 10017

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October 1-3, 2014 in NY






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