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El Nasser tells us that Southern California is now home to an exciting wave of new urbanism geared toward the growing Latino community. With the Hispanic population of California projected to reach 50% by the year 2040, the need to market housing and urban development to the Latino community just seems logical. However, there is debate over whether Latino interest in dense, urban living is a cultural preference or merely following socio-economic trends. Regardless, could interest in new urbanism become a poster child for development throughout the surrounding Sun Belt region?

'New urbanism' embraces Latinos
By Haya El Nasser, USA TODAY

…Amid a suburban county's gated communities, three-car garages and megamalls, Santa Ana is a fledgling hub of "new urbanism," an increasingly popular antidote to sprawl that promotes dense, walkable neighborhoods where people live, work and play.

But it's new urbanism with a twist: Latino new urbanism.

Advocates of this budding movement suggest that places where Hispanics are fast becoming the majority could help rein in sprawl by capitalizing on Latino cultural preferences for compact neighborhoods, large public places and a sense of community.

"I grew up in Mexico. We had a traditional urban square and plaza where everything is happening," says Mario Chavez-Marquez, 31, who lives in one of downtown Santa Ana's new loft apartments. "To me, it made sense to move back to the center, closer to my job. Now I can walk to a supermarket."

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