With US urbanists (mostly) blocked, Euro urbanists rush in to help save Havana

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The Cuban and Norwegian chapters of the Council for European Urbanism (CEU) have been busy arranging two great opportunities to learn more about (and influence) Cuban urbanism: a week long tour traveling to Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad (Feb 24 - Mar 3) and a charrette focused on Old Havana's waterfront and nearby Casablanca (Mar 4-10).

The collaboration between Cuban urbanists and the CEU has evolved from concerns about saving the urban qualities of Havana and preventing new development based on suburban sprawl. The Cuban Chapter of CEU seeks to continue aspects of the traditional planning process that have respected the urban qualities of historic towns. Given the difficulty US New Urbanists have in working in Cuba, Andres Duany suggested the collaboration between the CEU and Cuban practitioners and academics. This partnership has evolved significantly over the past couple years and the upcoming events hold promise for continued involvement.

Join them on a one week tour of three Cuban cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. The tour will be led by Professor of Architecture Julio Cesar Perez, University of Havana. Professor Perez has been a speaker at several INTBAU and CEU conferences. He is a Loeb Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design 2001-2002 and has lectured widely in the US and Europe about Cuban architecture.

The tour will be followed by a week-long charrette in Old Havana and the neighbouring town of Casablanca, March 4 – 10, 2007, to develop ideas for the development of the waterfront sector of the Old Havana Harbor.

Learn more about the program and registration at Moderno AS.

Photos: Old city center of Havana courtesy of Claus Zapffe; Typical street in Trinidad courtesy of Claus Zapffe; Street scene in Trinidad courtesy of Claus Zapffe; Typical street in Trinidad courtesy of Claus Zapffe; Old city center of Havana courtesy of Claus Zapffe; Casablanca with Havana in the background courtesy of Julio Cesar Perez; Old city center of Havana courtesy of Claus Zapffe

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