Camden Announces Destruction of 2nd Downtown Prison, Just Days After Announcing Tear Down of Riverfront State Pen

City Opens Up for Developers

With destruction of downtown County Jail, Camden becomes prime real estate. Mickle Blvd. is Gateway to city of Camden and it's waterfront. It is 1.5 miles long, with Campbells Soup announced new World Headquarters to be built at east end, capped by scenic Delaware River at west end, where you can catch the Ferry for a short hop to Old City Philadelphia. In the middle of this 1.5 mile blvd is a state of the art high speed rail line, connecting to downtown Philadelphia, with connections to Amtrak and Intl. airport less than ten minutes away.

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Visit Mickle Blvd., see pictures. ( Called Martin Luther King Blvd on some maps.),_new...


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