Austin, Texas Emerges as America's Greenest Big City

In a recent Chicago Tribune front page article, writer Howard Witt details the Texas capital's rigourous efforts to curb climate change and set an example for cities around the world. Austin Mayor Will Wynn, who will be speaking on the Wednesday just before CNU's national congress in April, makes it very clear that he is committed to keeping his city at the cutting edge of green technology and policy. From inspiring goals of 100% dependence on renewable energy to subsidies for efficient appliances, Mayor Wynn means business when it comes to greening his city which is, admittedly, already well known for its pioneering spirit. And such a strategy is working, for an estimated 70% of Austin residents are satisfied with his policies. Mayor Wynn's Austin is a shining example that New Urbanism is not only here to stay, but is beneficial for everyone involved.

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