Help Stop Campbell Soup World Headquarter Design

Dear Readers,As each and every one of youare dedicated to sustainable Urban Design, I am appealing for your support regarding a conflict regarding the design of the planned new world headquarters of Campbell's Soup, a design I oppose, in my hometown, Camden, NJ, the U.S.A.'s most impoverished city.

I have stated my position and reasons for concern in a short essay below. The reason I am reaching out beyond the city borders to you and others in the Design universe is the arrogance and fallacy of Campbell's position regarding it's anti-urban design in an urban area: "Campbell's has no reason to worry about a backlash by consumers or stockholders. The HQ complex design is a local issue, of no interest beyond anyone in the city." (From Campbell's Investor Relations Dept.) I believe the design of your future projects and every neighborhood is a stitch that in the aggregate, forms our national tapestry and an influential link in the human ecosystem chain.

And then there is this also from John Kromer, Camden’s Executive Director of Redevelopment,”…traditional urban design as practiced by New Urbanist’s, is not the most effective strategic approach for urban areas struggling with disinvestments. As one travels from exurb and edge city toward inner-city communities, with every mile New Urbanism gets weaker and weaker as a guide to practice.”

As the N.Y. Times in a June 17th editorial urged Campbell's to be a better corporate citizen and reconsider it's design, I appeal to you, if in agreement, to contact one or all of the agencies below, (listed at end of essay ) and to contact those of like mind in your academic, professional and social network to do the same. If not changed, the plan may go forth as is on Dec. 14. But it ain't over until it's over, that is until it is actually being built. So please, it is not too late to respond, and ask those who believe in responsible community design to respond too.

Essay and further information at:'s_soup_world_headquarters_controversy.htm

Thank You,
Michael McAteer


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