Car Culture Is Fading?

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Below are two stories I came across this week that point toward a shift away from car culture. While there's an obvious connection between planning and car culture, I'm still left wondering whether planners will lead this shift or follow it. As the new urbanist movement grows, I'm encouraged that our culture will learn to steer the built environment to guide people out of their cars and onto their feet.

Nissan exec: Car culture is fading
Fortune, 1/14/2008

"...consumers in Japan are losing their mojo when it comes to cars. The population is aging, and younger drivers would rather spend their money on new cellphones and Internet access."

Bikes Outsell Cars Down Under
Streetsblog, 1/15/2008

"Australians bought more bikes than cars last year by a record 40 percent margin, according to a report released this week by the Cycling Promotion Fund."


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