Gulf Coast Town Lauded for its Patience in Rebuilding

In the January 24th edition of the South Mississippi Sun-Herald, readers gained an insight into the complexity and urgency with which the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast is taking place. In a bold move, CNU Charter Signatory Andres Duany raised two examples of development in post-Katrina Mississippi. On the one hand, Duany offered up Gulfport, the largest of the 11 Gulf communities. That town, Duany says, has not "damaged [it]self," and that the mayor is one of two "standouts" on the coast. This was in reference to the community's patience and commitment to good, New Urbanist design. Duany's words were far more critical, though, of neighboring Biloxi, which, through rapid and poorly planned rebuilding, has "committed suicide, urbanistically." While Duany's words were less than kind to Biloxi, they are an important reminder that New Urbanism is not just a quick fix, but a long-term solution, a solution which Gulfport will reap the benefits for decades to come.

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