CNU Joins Transportation for America Campaign

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The interstate highway system has been completed. The era of cheap gasoline is over and Americans are hurting. Bridges are crumbling. Older and rural Americans are stranded. Our foreign policy is literally over a barrel. The current national transportation program is essentially unchanged from the 1950s, when gas was a nickel a gallon and President Eisenhower set us on a course to build the interstate highway system. Today, we live in a very different world. Americans are begging for transportation options that are cheaper, faster and cleaner.

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) has become a partner in Transportation for America, a campaign to ensure that the reauthorization of the federal transportation bill next year will provide us with a 21st century transportation system -- one that can get us where we need to go quickly and efficiently, end our dependence on oil, clean up the air, and provide us with better, stronger communities.

CNU's members are experts in how design can impact our communities and could provide valuable guidance to make our next transportation bill even stronger. How do you think the last transportation bill has influenced your work, and what would you want to see in the next bill?


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