Fore!-warned is Fore!-armed?

While the news of late is enough to make misanthropy seem a pretty reasonable philosophy, it's nice to see that despite all our nation's travails, American ingenuity prevails once we're rousted off of the sofa.

The Chicago Tribune's June 16 edition reports that three small Illinois towns let residents drive golf carts around town, and the idea is catching on. Even Wheeling, a sprawling Chicago suburb traversed by at least three major regional arterials, is considering allowing residents to drive golf carts:

"We are going to look at it because the gas mileage on those [golf carts] makes the [Mini Cooper] look like a Hummer," said village manager Mark Rooney...

While golf carts clearly are of limited use in our current built environment, I wonder how a trend toward smaller and smaller vehicles like the Mini or the Smart Car will affect street and neighborhood design. Any ideas?

P.S. I call dibs on the Bushwood Country Club sticker concession.


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