General Jerry Brown and his War on Sprawl

Longtime politician and current California Attorney General Jerry Brown has recently won a battle in his war against sprawl in his home state.

According to the article, Brown took issue with the city of Stockton's General Plan, which would have allowed significant urban sprawl had Brown not stepped in. In a move that would create significant amounts of dense residences in the city's core, Brown succeeded in butting heads not only with developers who would prefer to build lower density subdivisions, but also regulation that has come before him that got the sprawl ball rolling.

As Brown writes, "limiting sprawl can preserve farmland, protect wildlife habitat and save precious water resources. It can also mean safer communities. Family-centered neighborhoods with stores and jobs in close proximity and streets where people easily walk or bike are safer and experience far less crime."

Brown promises this will not be the last battle he wages. 120 communities in CA are currently in the process of revising their General Plans. If these plans don't coincide with his anti-sprawl vision for California, Mr. Brown has said, he will sue as many as he can.


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