In the News: John Norquist says I-81 should be removed from downtown Syracuse

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Interstate 81 in Syracuse, New York was the subject of a recent lecture as part of the Metropolitan Development Association's annual meeting. This elevated highway was recently feature in CNU's Freeways Without Futures campaign as a prime candidate for replacement with a surface street. As one of the keynote speakers, John Norquist's presentation sparked this great response piece in Syracuse's Post-Standard.

MDA speaker says I-81 should be removed from downtown Syracuse columnist Sean Kirst

I only had one question for John Norquist, a former mayor of Milwaukee who spoke Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Metropolitan Development Association.

He is a leading voice for removing interstates from the heart of our big cities. In Milwaukee, Norquist led efforts to demolish the Park East Freeway, which he saw as an ugly, littered wall that chewed up valuable downtown property.

Today, as president of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Norquist has a "top 10" list of American cities where he thinks downtown highways ought to be torn down - a list that includes Interstate 81 in Syracuse.

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