Sustainable Urbanists should revitalize abandoned cities first.'s picture

A recent article on WebUrbanist's blog, "Abandonment: 8 Cities That Might Not Make It" written by "Mike", (no last name listed), makes me think - why can't we revitalize these cities first before building new developments? These areas usually have the most amazing architecture and urban design that we strive for as new urbanists. I recently visited Tallassee, AL to find the old waterfront downtown completely boarded up with items left in the stores as someone just walked out and never came back. I couldn't help to think - how can we bring this poor community back to become even more vital than before? I'm reaching out to new urbanist planners to do what you're so successfully accomplishing in New Orleans and Mississippi - help Tallassee, AL and all other abandoned towns become alive again.

Check out Mike's article:


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