CNU 2009 Transportation Summit Tour: Bike Portland with Original Portland Network Planner, Mia Birk!!!

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Can we transform and adapt a large, car-oriented city into one in which cycling is an integral part of daily life?” Since 1993, Mia Birk has been attempting to answer that question. Enjoy a tour of Portland by bike from Mia, one of the original planners of Portland’s network. Experience firsthand some of the city’s most innovative facilities, beyond the bike lane--including bike boxes, bike boulevards, off-street paths, bike signals, bike corrals and oases. Visit our online Summit Tours web page to get a list of other tours taking place simultaneously so you may register before early registration rates end October 15th!

With more than 285 bikeway miles, Portland’s facilities are designed to support a diverse range of bicyclists, from the hard-core daily commuter to the casual Sunday latte rider. Between 3 percent and 8 percent of trips in the city are now by bike. Portland’s bike infrastructure could even be said to support a distinctly bike-focused local culture, judging from the more than 4,000 annual bike-related events, blogs, and small businesses that have sprung up in recent years to serve the cycling community.
The ride will be 10-15 low sweat miles, led by Alta Planning + Design Principal Mia Birk, also former City Bicycle Program Manager, and Kittelson & Associates’ Peter Koonce. Both serve on the Advisory Board for the Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation at Portland State University.

YOU NEED TO RENT YOUR OWN BIKE FOR THIS TOUR: If you register for the bike tour and are not planning to bring your own bike, a special discounted rental rate of $20.00 has been secured for CNU Transportation Summit registrants at Portland-based Waterfront Bicycles. Contact them at (email:, or call them at (503) 227-1719. Mention CNU Transportation Summit to receive the discount. To guarantee a bike rental for the tour, you will need to reserve your bike through Waterfront Bicycles and pay for your rental before October 15th, 2009.

Check here for more details on the 2009 Portland Transportation Summit.


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