CNU 2009 Transportation Summit Tour: Learn why Street Car Networks are the Wave of the Future!

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On this tour you will examine Portland's small block pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhoods and main streets within walking distances. A better understanding of how this development pattern is the direct result of the extensive network of streetcars that once served the small towns and subdivisions that are now known as Portland will be discussed. Visit our online Summit Tours web page to get a list of other tours taking place simultaneously so you may register before early registration rates end October 15th!

As in many American cities, Portland’s streetcar system fell into disuse and was abandoned decades ago. In the 1990’s Portland brought back the streetcar back, installing a network that connects the central business district to Portland State University, South Waterfront, the Pearl District and Northwest Portland. An eastside extension to the streetcar network is in the works.

Ride the streetcar and tour the system. Find out how the streetcar network provides a convenient and attractive transportation alternative to the auto, how it is coordinated with other transit in the downtown; how it fits the scale and traffic patterns of existing neighborhoods, and how the system reduces short inner-city auto trips, parking demand, traffic congestion and air pollution. Visit the neighborhoods in which the streetcar has encouraged significant public and private investment. Learn about the how the system is paid for, how it is constructed and about the streetcars themselves.

The tour will be led by Rick Gustafson, Principal, Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc, and Portland Streetcar Inc.

Step outside of the Nines Hotel where a discounted number of rooms are reserved for CNU Summit attendees, and see firsthand how Portland's street car system is at the forefront of transportation initiatives.

Check here for more details on the 2009 Portland Transportation Summit.

See you in Portland!


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