CNU 18 Academic Papers Now Online

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A huge thank you to everyone who participated, attended, spoke, and organized sessions at CNU 18: "Rx for Healthy Places" in Atlanta, GA. The 2010 Congress was an amazing success that would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication. We'd particularly like to thank the academics who submitted their papers for CNU 18.

If you missed those sessions please check out the full text of the academic papers now online at CNU's Academic Papers web page.

Out of the record 24 academic submissions CNU selected nine papers and grouped them into two "Health" and "Transportation" sessions. Submitters delivered summaries of their cutting edge research. Through the "Call for Papers" CNU aims to expand the opportunities for academic research that explores how New Urbanism is impacting the built environment.

If you would like to learn more about the Academic Paper Sessions or read any the full text of the papers, please visit CNU's Call For Papers web page.

It is never to early to begin thinking about submitting a piece for CNU 19 in Madison June 1-4,2010. The Congress for the New Urbanism invites academic paper submissions for presentation at the Congress. Submissions are welcome on a range of issues and disciplines related to New Urbanism. Selection is based on the paper’s contribution to critical discussion and practice of New Urbanism and for synergies within sessions. Deadline is December 3, 2010.


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