An Urban Design E-Course for Planners by Emily Talen, PhD, FAICP

Emily Talen, PhD, FAICP, is now offering an e-course for urban planners based on her book Urban Design Reclaimed: Tools,Techniques and Strategies for Planners that is an no-experience-necessary introductory course on urban design. The course focuses on basic map creation through open source GIS, 2D graphic designs and 3D Sketchup models.

Accordingly, the course is also designed to help planners develop and synthesize these new skills and methods into a polished final product. The class takes place remotely and consists of 10 hours of step-by-step video-based instruction modules.

The course utilizes free open-source software so there are no required materials to purchase and there are no prerequisites or work backgrounds necessary to take the course and advance your skills. The cost for the urban design e-course is $295 and all AICP members can earn 3 Certification Maintenance credits upon completion.

This is a great opportunity for planners looking to familiarize themselves with the basic functions and uses of GIS software and will be sure to help in future projects. For more information on the Urban Design E-Course for Planners, please click here


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