National Call-In Day for Transportation Bill - Call Today and Make Your Voice Heard

Attention to all of our loyal CNU members; today is the National Call-In Day for a Transportation Bill. At this very moment, the House of Representatives and Senate Conference Committees are meeting to develop a final transportation bill.

To ensure the success of the bill, we ask that you contact all three of your congressional representatives to promote the inclusion of Transportation Enhancements (TE), Safe Routes to School, Recreational Trails, and National Scenic Byways programs in this bill. With these initiatives in the transportation bill, various jobs for landscape architects and construction professionals will be created, which in turn promotes local economic development.

For support on this bill, we ask that you Take Action - after clicking the link, simply enter your zip code to obtain your local legislators names and direct phone numbers. There is a script provided, so please call now and leave a message with the individual who answers your call. Be sure to do this for all three representatives, and feel free to comment or contact us for additional information. 



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