2012 Transportation Summit Session- Transportation Modeling Reform

The 2012 CNU Transportation Summit will held in Long Beach, CA September 9-10, 2012. This will be a working meeting for a day-and-a-half that will advance CNU's Project for Transportation Reform and facilitate the exchange of ideas and lessons between New Urbanists and bike and pedestrian planners.

Transportation Modeling Reform will be one of the seven working groups offered during CNU's 2012 Transportation Summit.   Norm Marshall will lead the session, focusing on changing transportation modeling to account for multi-modal mobility.  The Summit will provide an opportunity to develop a work plan and present ideas on how to address the current system of car-centric modeling, making design more friendly towards New Urbanism.   

Join the conversation by signing up for the Transportation Modeling Reform working group at the 2012 Transportation Summit!  To register, visit here.

For details about the summit, please visit here.




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