EPA Building Blocks deadlines approaching

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EPA and four grantees (Smart Growth America, Project for Public Spaces, Global Green, and Forterra) are offering free technical assistance to communities through the Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities program. Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities provides quick, targeted technical assistance to selected local and/or tribal governments.  Deadlines are approaching for applications to EPA and three of the grantees:

  • Smart Growth America: October 25  
  • EPA: October 26
  • Project for Public Spaces: November 2
  • Global Green: November 2

CNU offers training as part of the Livability Solutions coalition. Livability Solutions is a coalition of professionals that works to promote and realize better livability, sustainability, placemaking, and smart growth. This is the second year that Livability Solutions will be offering free technical assistance workshops to 6 to 12 communities around the country, enabling local governments and communities to implement changes that will move them towards smart growth and sustainability. This technical assistance will take the form of one- to two-day workshops, led by one or more of Livability Solutions’ experienced coalition members, focused on one or more unique suite of livability tools.   In 2012 CNU conducted a workshop with the City of Blue Springs, MO to create more walkable streets. For more information visit the Livability Solutions  or EPA Building Blocks websites.


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