Call for Expression of Interest: LEED Committees

The following volunteer opportunity comes via The U.S. Green Building Council. CNU has partnered with USGBC in the past in the creation of LEED-ND, and is a proud partner, happy to spread message of the below opportunity. Please note all inquiries should be directed towards USGBC, and further information can be found direct at their site by clicking here.

From the USGBC Website:

The U.S. Green Building Council calls for self-nominations of qualified applicants to serve as members of the following LEED Committees. While there is no set number of volunteer positions available, it is expected that approximately 25 seats will be filled. Each volunteer position will be for a term of one year beginning in January 2013 for a maximum of four years. 

Please note that USGBC policy states that individuals may not serve on more than three USGBC committees and two working groups at any one time. Additionally, each member organization may have no more than one representative on any one committee. 

Please see the expertise sought by each committee below, in the section “Selection Criteria for LEED Committee Members.”



  • Employee of a USGBC Member organization
  • Able and willing to consistently dedicate time to this effort, including attendance at a minimum 2/3 of bi-weekly calls of 1 hour, offline review and technical work of approximately 2-3 hours per call, and participation in sub-groups and additional calls as necessary.


  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • Project experience, especially experience in countries outside of the United States
  • Demonstrated expertise in one or more of the below technical areas.

Applicable LEED Committee Descriptions

Technical Advisory Groups

Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) recommend technical solutions to rating system development and maintenance issues. The groups provide a consistent source of technical advice regarding credit and prerequisite improvement and supporting tool development. TAGs are structured to include expertise for specific technical issues: Location and Planning (LP), Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ). The role and responsibilities of the TAGs are detailed in their charge.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee oversees Technical Advisory Groups and other technical working groups and recommends solutions regarding technical issues to the LEED Steering Committee. Its responsibilities include coordinating cross-category matters within LEED, and reviewing LEED credits and prerequisites for technical validity and recommending improvements. The role and responsibilities of the Technical Committee are detailed in the committee's charge.

Implementation Advisory Committee

The Implementation Advisory Committee (IAC) counsels the LEED Steering Committee and USGBC staff on the scope, content and rigor of technical resources and tools supporting LEED programs with the goal of maintaining LEED's integrity and providing an effective, predictable and satisfying experience for LEED users. The role and responsibilities of the LEED Implementation Advisory Committee are detailed in the committee's charge.

Market Advisory Committee

The Market Advisory Committee (MAC) counsels the LEED Steering Committee and USGBC staff on market transformation aspects of LEED to ensure that LEED continues to respond to the markets. The committee applies its market experience and expertise to ensure that LEED systems are feasible, flexible and represent leadership in the market. The role and responsibilities of the Market Advisory Committee are detailed in the committee's charge.

Selection Criteria for LEED Committee Members

The following specific areas of expertise are sought by each Committee. Additional areas may be indicated in the candidate’s expression of interest form.

Energy & Atmosphere Technical Advisory Group

  • Renewables
  • Energy Modeling
  • Existing Buildings
  • Demand Response
  • Data Centers (modeling or commissioning)

Indoor Environmental Quality Technical Advisory Group

  • Facilities management (indoor air quality and/or HVAC)
  • Green cleaning
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation and indoor air quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Acoustics
  • Daylight and electrical lighting
  • Occupant perception

Location & Planning Technical Advisory Group

  • Parking
  • Urban design
  • Biological expertise, including floodplains
  • Mixed-use developer
  • Transportation planning
  • Land-use and growth management
  • Affordable housing
  • Green vehicles

Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group

  • Sustainability director or LEED project manager
  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Product manufacturer
  • Raw material extraction
  • Building management and procurement
  • General industry expertise

Sustainable Sites Technical Advisory Group

  • Existing buildings site management
  • Heat island
  • Light pollution
  • Rainwater management
  • Ecosystem health
  • Site contamination
  • General expertise that includes urban agriculture, active design, biophilia, and/or acoustical conditions of a site

Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group

  • Wastewater
  • Process water, including cooling towers
  • Residential indoor and outdoor water systems design
  • Urban irrigation
  • General indoor water (fixtures and process water)
  • General outdoor water (landscape)

Technical Committee

  • Multi-family residential
  • Cross-disciplinary expertise in LEED categories

Implementation Advisory Committee

  • General LEED project experience
  • LEED documentation process
  • Familiarity with LEED Online, LEED Reference Guides

Market Advisory Committee

  • Existing Buildings
  • Residential
  • Data Centers
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Schools

How to Submit an Expression of Interest with USGBC

Employees of USGBC member organizations interested in serving on this committee must complete the Expression of Interest Form onlinePlease note that candidates may be identified for committees according to the candidate’s expertise and the needs of each committee. The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2012 at 5 PM PST. Notifications of appointment will be sent on or around January 7, 2013.


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