Kickstart Dhiru Thadani "Visions of Seaside"

CNU Board Member, Dhiru Thadani has compiled what promises to be the definitive work on the first 30 years of Seaside. His new book, Visions of Seaside, will be a "must-have" for every architect, planner, urban design library. 

The project is being coordinated by The Seaside Institute, and they are seeking seed funding through a Kickstarter campaign. 

Here is a link:

As you make your end of year contributions, please consider supporting this project at any level.  The Kickstarter campaign closes on January 6. There are some great rewards to be had, including early copies of the book at below the retail price, and getaways in the new Seaside Academic Village cottages.  

Check it out at the website above, and please support this if you can.



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