Student Leader Chronicles: Welcome Appalachian State University!

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Over the past few years, Max Wlodarczak has fostered a deep interest in good city design and its impacts. Therefore, when a high school friend told him about Students for the New Urbanism (SNU), it only made sense to start his own group. The Congress for the New Urbanism is proud to report that Wlodarczak has succeeded, and the Appalachian State University SNU chapter has been officially added to our ever-growing list of recognized student groups. Wlodarczak and his adviser are excited and eager to start developing interdisciplinary goals that reflect Appalachian State’s diverse student population and recruiting more members.

Max Wlodarczak is currently a sophomore at Appalachian State University and his major is Town and Regional Planning with a minor in Sustainable Development. He grew up in a relatively dense neighborhood near a centralized downtown. His upbringing taught him to appreciate centralized urban areas for all that they have to offer. 


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