A Bold Vision for North Lake Shore Drive Reconstruction

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CNU Illinois and the Congress for the New Urbanism joined a coalition of 15 regional organizations to release a civic platform for the reconstruction of North Lake Shore Drive. The coalition calls for a bold vision to better meet the needs of everyone who uses the lakefront. The platform is based on seven principles and includes a host of recommendations for the Illinois Department of Transportation and Chicago Department of Transportation as they embark on a planning study for the reconstruction of North Lake Shore Drive from Grand to Hollywood avenues. Many of these concepts mirror the principles outlined in the Charter of the New Urbanism as well as the more recent Sustainable Street Network Principles by CNU’s Project for Transportation Reform Initiative.

Rather than reinforce the slow shift toward a superhighway, CNU urges Chicagoans to weigh in with your ideas to ensure North Lake Shore Drive serves neighborhood residents, tourists, pedestrians, bicyclists, runners, transit users and park-goers. To make your voice heard, attend an upcoming public meeting about North Lake Shore Drive reconstruction on Aug. 6, 7 or 8. Learn more about these upcoming meetings.

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