Planning Prof John Gilderbloom Slams his Mayor

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Planners are not usually known for letting loose with their feelings, but urban planner and U. of Louisville professor John Gilderbloom unloaded on his Mayor Greg Fischer. Read all about it here.

Now as a former Mayor I can understand if Mayor Fischer is irritated at this broadside, but I hope after some reflection he listens to the professor. Gilderbloom makes two good points. One is that local advice shouldn't be excluded from the local planning process.The other point is that Louisville has devoted way too much money and effort to reducing traffic congestion. Louisville is a very charming old city, but suffers from grossly overbuilt freeway infrastructure that blocks the city from its shore along the Ohio River. Imagine a superhighway along the Thames in London to get the picture. And guess what? Louisville's government and the state of Ky DOT want to expand the highways looming over downtown. Gilderbloom is speaking out and maybe he'll open some minds.For his sake I just hope he has tenure.


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