Doug Farr, 2030 Challenge

At the final CNU XVI plenary, Chicago architect/planner Doug Farr introduced the 2030 Challenge. The principal goal of the Challenge is to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled, a key metric that connects human behavior with climate change, to 1970 levels. That means cutting driving to levels roughly half of what they are now.

Watch a brief interview, shot in the hallways of the Austin Convention Center during CNU XVI, in which Doug talks about the initiative and next steps for making the campaign a CNU priority.


2030 Challenge

The challenge is an important part of an overall package of CNU actions including LEED-ND, the Canons for Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, work to review the Charter of the CNU, ongoing case studies, models and testing, and a major communications effort. The work will be led by CNU members form the Next Generation as a part of a new Initiative. I wish new Chair Ray Gindroz well in his leadership in the overall effort and thank Doug Farr for bringing the challenge forward in such a fresh and way at the concluding session of the Congress!

Let's hope that in addition to setting such an ambitious challenge, we demonstrate through projects, research and methodology that it can be met in a way that increases rather than reduces the quality of life for people around the world.

2030 Challenge

I'm looking for the specifics of the challenge. Is there more than a 50% reduction in VMT ? Is the portion of Doug's power point presentation from the closing plenary outlining the challenge going to be posted, as I believe John Norquist indicated? This would be useful in getting the word out to our local communities. As Doug mentioned the metrics may not be perfect but the idea is worthy of getting out.

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Watch and listen to this presentation now!

Doug's presentation is now available in audio and slideshow formats along with lots of other great stuff in the CNU XVI presentation archive.


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