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The Magic Kingdom of Hartford

                       THE ‘’MAGIC KINGDOM’ OF HARTFORD



We're the bad guys?!?!?

There's a new paperback novel co-authored by Glen Beck, entitled AGENDA 21.  It's a dystropian tale of a future that, according to Mr. Beck and his co-author is about to descend upon us!!!  In the story, life is so depressing that Ayn Rand's ANTHEM the title piece from her THE ANTI-INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION are cheerful prophecied of better days ahead!  In the book's afterword, two of Agenda 21's main points are 1) moving people out of suburbs into urban locations.  2)Sustainable development and smart growth!  Heavens!

How They See Us

I'm currently reading, among other things, the book VARIATIONS ON A THEME PARK, edited by Michael Sorkin.  One essay entitled "New City, New Frontier", identifies New Urbanism and Gentrification as almost one and the same.  I guess I didn't get the memo that making urban spaces livable was the same thing as "prettifying" property for the art gallery and salon crowd!

Our Three Environments

In the science-fiction classic THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, the hero finally escapes from his house into his front yard.  His once normal world is now to him a limitless universe.  This, he knows, is conatined within an even more limitless universe; that of the earth in the solar system, the galaxy and beyond.

We, like the incrediable shrinking man, live in environments contained in and intersecting with other environments.