The Magic Kingdom of Hartford

                       THE ‘’MAGIC KINGDOM’ OF HARTFORD



     The “I-Quilt Plan” for downtown Hartford could make the area a “weenie” for the area, much like the castles in Anaheim and Orlando.  It could draw the visitors into the city.  Much like the Disney castles draw visitors into the park and show them the other lands available.


     To do this, the I-Quilt must be modified& expanded.   There are intersection signs pointing the way to Bushnell Park, Union Station, the Convention Center, etc. There also needs to be signs and marked routes showing the visitor how to access the West End, the Learning Corridor and the other vital sections of the city.


    In these different neighborhoods and venues there must be features and facilities making the visitor welcome.  You can ALWAYS find a bench or a restroom at Disney!



     Just a few thoughts about how carry on from a good start.  I-Quilt should be as Churchill said of the North African campaign, “This is not the end, or the beginning of the end.  It is the end of the beginning!”


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