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Green building standards are getting greener. Charles Shaw hunts down cutting-edge environmental advocates such as green architect Doug Farr, one of the leaders of the anticipated new green rating system called LEED-Neighborhood Design (LEED-ND). The LEED-ND Core Committee hopes to launch this impressive eco-friendly rating system by 2009. Shaw’s enlightening visits uncover ways this voluntary green development option will help sustain our planet, that is if developers and homeowners choose to go green.


'Hood Intentions
LEED is expanding to neighborhoods, and Doug Farr is leading the way
By Charles Shaw
Grist Magazine, 12 Oct 2006

Unlike the original LEED program, which rates only single buildings and for
which site selection is an afterthought, LEED-ND "will place the emphasis on
the elements that bring the buildings together into a neighborhood, and
relate the neighborhood to its larger region and landscape," says the

In short, LEED-ND seeks to revolutionize the way we look at our living
space. It envisions compact, walkable neighborhoods with a diversity of
green housing stock and commercial buildings, connected to ample park space,
no more than a 10-minute walk from any amenity or mass transit stop. Row
upon row of green roofs and solar panels renewing heat, water, and energy,
and community recycling stations spread throughout. No parking lots, no
McMansions, no big-box retailers, no gated communities. Just living with
each other, in harmony with the environment, with a true sense of time and
place. And the good news is, aside from the various roof adornments, it
wouldn't look that much different from life as it has been lived in America
to this point.

It's a shift that Farr says is long overdue. "There is so much effort that
goes into designing and building this one small thing, this single green
building," he says. "The same amount of effort goes into planning two square
miles of regular neighborhood, and that will serve us for the next 200
years. [The focus on individual buildings] just doesn't make any sense."

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LEED is expanding to neighborhoods, and Doug Farr is leading the way




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