Environmental Benefits of Mass transit?

Does anyone has some links to some studies which support the environmental benefits of mass transit? I am specifically looking for the energy efficiency, energy consumption, NOx, SOx, CO, of subway a/o trains.

Car data is readily available, so I not really looking for that.

Please post here, or email (urbanchords at yahoo dot com)

Drew Deering, RA, MUD, CNU, LEED AP.
Chicago, IL


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Travel Matters by the Center for Neighborhood Technology

Have you checked out the Center for Neighborhood Technology's website titled Travel Matters? The emissions map for Chicago is powerful. It challenges the conventional view that cities produce more greenhouse gases by comparing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per capita across the region. The commuter rail lines are interesting. The site also has a page on resources and links.

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More evidence that transit and compact development matter

New York Times, April 11, 2007

- "The report noted that its levels were relatively low when measured per capita, coming in at 7.1 metric tons per person, well below San Francisco, at 11.2 metric tons, and the national average, at 24.5.
The report said that this is because less energy is needed to heat, light, cool and fuel buildings in the city because they are more densely packed and homes are below average in size. In addition, the city’s public transit system allows fewer New Yorkers to drive.


My favorite links on this subject include the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute, APTA's publictransportation.org, and Sightline Institute.


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