CNU XV: Become A New Urbanist Star in Camden, New Jersey

Become A New Urbanist Star in Camden, New Jersey

In the matter of Camden, in the shadow of the rose Philadelphia, in the matter of things noted both inside and out, the matter of the business speaks for itself.

At first view, from what comes before and experience, teaches the characters of the play, both major and minor, logic speaks of the new fact: The Old Camden is gone. The New Camden is a golden opportunity, a period of flourishing will result by fact itself. Logic makes firm the argument to the pocketbook, the argument to the heart.

Fortune helps the bold. Blessed are those who possess in good faith, according to what is just and good, a cause the rest are missing.

From the people of the city, to the new man in public administration, all appeal for a return of the lost arts of urban civilization. The assembled people of Camden look from there to the sons and daughters of the light of the New Urbanist galaxy.

To be willing is to be able. Glory for you New Urban Star, whom seeks honors through the narrow spaces of the city. Glory for love of country, for love of civilization, for love of city, love of neighbor, love of the public good, love of the rational human being, for love of the human race.

Glory to whom reveals and accelerates to the people the lost arts of urban civilization, develops social resources, social graces, economic resources. Glory and honors for what is just and good, from the heart, from the chair, out of one's duty, out of simple impulse, the art of loving, who acts with deeds and not words.

Out of one's own motion, a day bringing good fortune. The New Urbanist star says: "I will find a way or make one." The assembled people of Camden adore the New Urbanist stars. The people say: "They can because they think they can."

"Something for something." Afterwards, the civilization of Camden, with one voice, with the highest praise, adore the New Urbanist Stars, herein to the people, "The New Urban Stars Who Light Camden." "They found a city of broken bricks; they left it a city of vision, elegance, dignity and strength."

Come to Camden. Become a star in the New Urbanism Galaxy.

Michael McAteer


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