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The Economist: Bad urban planning is the cause of all our problems

Not literally, of course, but not far off: [mirror] Basically, The Economist says that a lot of the global problems of the past 5-10 years (inequali... read more »

Will Any New Urbanist Development Occur Since The US Federal Reserve Transferred $15 Trillion USD To Private Banks In London?

At this point, most US citizens have figured out that there is serious issues and flaws occurring with financial institutions and markets in the United States and around the world.  The fact is that we now know that most of these issues in financial institutions are being intentionally manufact... read more »

Bank Of America Receives Another Federal Bailout!

As if American citizens weren't already completely awed and angry enought at the big banks and the corporate greed, recently released court documents have revealed that the Federal Reserve of New York decided to hand the Bank Of America another "secret" handout bailout in July, 2012, in spite of the... read more »

What Does "Reeducation Internment" (Concentration) Camps Have To Do With Democracy And Development In the US?

Recently, documents have been leaked to the general public that outlines the Department Of Defense's (DOD) plan to build and operate "reeducation internment" camps for the purpose of "reeducating political dissidents" in the United States. read more »

Why Did the DHS In the US Recently Purchase So Much Ammunition?

The Department Of Homeland Security (or DHS) in the United States has recently purchased huge amounts of ammunition like has never before been seen in any Federal Agency in the United States; nearly 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition.  These ammunition purchases have created cause for serious con... read more »

How the CIA's Illegal Cocaine Trafficking Is Affecting Inner-City Youth In the United States

  As I personally recall, the CIA's (Central Intelligence Agency) involvement in illegal cocaine trafficking from South and Central America into the United States first came to light to the general public during the Oliver North trial for the Iran-Contra affair- read more »

Norquist: "Don't Wreck Sydney Hih"

John Norquist recently wrote an article for Urban Milwaukee about the proposed demolition of the almost historic Sydney Hih building. Read the full article here. The Sydney Hih buildings are located in northern downtown Milwaukee. The buildings were erected in 1876 and later purchased by attorney Sy... read more »

Impact Innovation: The Economic Spin on Cultural Tourism in Chicago

Mitch Nichols, President of the Nichols Tourism Group, spoke to a packed room of Chicago tourism supporters on Tuesday. The Nichols Group just completed a yearlong study on the cultural tourism of Chicago. Nichols presented four ‘key lessons’ of his study and highlighted numerous statistics to ... read more »

Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative Report Released

Since 2008, the Congress for the New Urbanism has been working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Smart Growth program and fire marshals from across the nation to establish new street design standards that allow for narrower streets and increased connectivity. ... read more »