Say Hello to New Urbanism and Goodbye to Commuting

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Here is an excerpt from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette featuring Andres Duany discussing how broadband can complement New Urbanist communities. The article quoted Andres saying Telecommuting can be a lonely lifestyle, but a well-designed neighborhood should provide enough social interaction. Telecommuters can take a break at a local coffee shop or work from there on a laptop.

Showcasing the Killer App Conference & Expo The article also mentioned that:
Some residents of these neighborhoods can walk a few blocks to work or live above their workplaces. High-speed Internet makes it possible for more residents of these neighborhoods to work from home, Duany said. Residents can telecommute easily by computer.

“You will live with your work, you will live above your work, … and you will live near your work,” Duany said.

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