S,O.S. Turn This $100 Million Single Use Project into a $200 Million or More With Proper Design. Official Plans to be Posted

Camden needs to take out an insurance policy against Campbell's Soup, and a mixed use campus is that policy.CNU members can help by faxing Gov. Corzine in New Jersey, asking him to wait before signing off on the plan until we have a chance to organize a presentation of a better alternative for Campbells and the city. Gov. Corzine also serves as Camden's mayor. He can veto any plan. As former CEO of Goldman Sachs, he will recognize the value in this NU opportunity once presented. His fax number is:

Gov. Corzine
fax: (609) 292-3454

His phone number is 609-292-6000. Camden is the only city in the state without a government. Corzine is the Czar. Council serves an advisiory role, but what it passes stands if governor declines to intercede. Campbells existing plan, which violates every principle of the charter, will be implemented unless stopped before the council's next meeting, the first week of July. There is no time to waste.

Link to .pdf files of Campbells plans:


Campbell's Soup Project is Part of Larger "Gateway Neighborhood" Planned Redevelopment


Michael McAteer my email is seecamden@earthlink.net if anyone has advice. Thank you.


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