Help make Fairview Village aka Yorkship Village in Camden, NJ a "Wonder"

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Fellow New Urbanists,

Fairview Village, aka Yorkship Village, has been nominated as a potential "Seven Wonders of South Jersey" by the radio station SOJO 104.9. (we were just nominated which is pretty late in the game so we have some serious catching up to do) That is where I need your help!

Fairview, built in 1918, is the most fully realized WWI garden village project in the nation and, as the first federally funded planned community in the country, is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a American Institute of Certified Planner's Landmark. It is the quintessential traditionally planned neighborhood that because of its very design creates community.

Please help us make Fairview Village be known as a "Wonder of South Jersey" and help it get the recognitoin it deserves!

Please go to the following link and vote for Fairview Village (third from the bottom in the right hand column.) (I think you only get one vote per computer so forward this along to as many people as you can, or log on to every computer you can.)

Voting ends Thursday, July 26th.

Winners announced Friday July 27th during the morning show on SOJO 104.9

Thank you for your support.

Kristine Seitz

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Vote Early!

Fairview/Yorkship Village is very deserving of recognition. It remains an inspiration to new urbanists and certainly helped influence the movement's Hope VI work. One indication of interest in the development is that the tour of Yorkship Village run in conjunction with CNU XV quickly sold out. FYI, Harper's ran an excellent set of annotated photos of Yorkship in its March 2005 issue. You can see thumbnails of them for free but need to be a subscriber for full web access.

Fairview / Robert A.M Stern

Mr. Stern was one of the tour participants. ( I had the honor of walking and talking with him for an hour and a half.) He acknowledged the value of the Yorkship Village design during his keynote speech at CVU XV. The tour also obviously influenced his acceptance of the Athena Medal speech into what is now called "the controversial Robert Stern" speech. During the tour, Mr. Stern told me he toured Yorkship Village twenty five years earlier and was deeply saddened by it's current state, though he noted he saw signs of a "comeback." ( Yorkship not well maintained, as you would expect in an impoverished neighborhood. However,the structural long-term integrity of these brick homes is solid and ready to go another 100 years, as was the intent when Yorkship was built in 1918, and easily re-habable. Yorkship is solid, charming and authentic sustainable brick construction( I could smell the gears revving in Mr. Sterns head as sadness turned into agitation and a fiery affirmation which, we all know, manifested and revealed itself at the Kimmel Center.) If the Dean of Architecture himself can declare this hidden monument to Traditional Design, in the depths of the U.S.A.'s most seriously blighted city, worthy of the effort to regenerate, who are any of us to say "no it is not." Regeneration of Places like Yorkship seperate the men from the boy's in New Urbanism. NU is easy when being built in a cow pasture. Mr. Stern was serious business when he challenged CNU and all of us to turn our attention to distressed places like Camden whose urban form could be salvaged, renewed, and reclaim their function and value in a society that is reviewing and renewing it's traditional vows to community, social equity and inclusion, economical and ecologically sound and sane ways of living.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who voted. The results can be found here We placed 11 out of 24, so although we aren't one of the SOJO 7 wonders of South Jersey, I think we can all agree that we are definitely a great wonder and a great example of planning. I look forward to posting more about Fairview and hearing suggestions and opinions from my fellow CNU members on how to engage the community more and help to revitalize our little village.

Thanks again.



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