The proposed Campbell Soup Co. expansion became more convoluted Thursday. NU's, please provide POV on CP Forum

Friday, July 27, 2007
Courier-Post Staff

The proposed Campbell Soup Co. expansion and the future of the historic Sears Building became more convoluted Thursday with the cancellation of a special city planning board meeting.

Scheduled for Monday, the meeting was expected to redo actions taken at an April 18 meeting to eliminate charges of procedural errors from three litigants.

"We canceled the meeting because we will pursue a different strategy. It has not been rescheduled, but it will be," said Camden Planning Director John Kromer.

Kromer declined to elaborate.

The Camden Courier Post provides for anonymous comments and replies by joining it's Forum. It only takes a minute. Please help make New Urbanism topical in Camden by spreading the word. As it stands now, if you were to mention NU to anyone in the city you would draw a blank stare. No one there has ever heard of it or CNU. Your voice would be a valuable contribution to an important dialogue.

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