How Green Is Your Neighborhood?

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Time magazine had a great article on their website this week about how New Urbanism addresses the problems of global warming and public health. While our society rushes for new-fangled technological innovations to save our environment, we're often overlooking "old-fashioned green" solutions, such as urbanism. New Urbanism is a convenient remedy to the "Inconvenient Truth" -- because it has already been tested and proven over thousands of years, because many of us already live in sustainable urban communities without even knowing it, and because urbanism creates a healthy economy.

The online article also includes an audio interview with Andres Duany.

How Green Is Your Neighborhood?
By BRYAN WALSH, Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2007

Technology has gotten us into the climate change mess, and we assume that technology will get us out of it. Hybrid cars, wind turbines, algae biofuel — businesses and policymakers alike are searching for the technological fixes that will decarbonize our lives. But the deeper problem may be how — and where — we live our lives. The dominant pattern of development in America — large houses and sprawling, auto-dependent suburbs — requires a heavy input of fossil fuels and an output of carbon emissions. The adoption of cleaner technologies will take us part of the way, but what we really need to do is change our habitat, not just for the environmental benefits, but for our health, lifestyle and happiness.

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Time Article

The last line of this article is my favorite. When they say, "actively valuing what we profess to value, like more time out of the car and with our families, and choosing to live in neighborhoods that make those ideals possible." Let's all try to live up to that.

Heather Smith
Planning Director
Congress for the New Urbanism


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