Paris Urban Bike Sharing System Now Coming to London

The highly successful, 'super-smart' Velib urban bike sharing system implemented in Paris last summer is now coming to London, with over 15,000 bikes and 1,000 stations.
Currently in Paris, the rental fee is similar to ZipCar or IGo car sharing systems, requiring a small yearly membership, then paying per hour (1 euro per hour.) We're still waiting for this in Chicago...along with a more extensive path system (London also proposes increase and improving urban trails, primarily for commuter purposes.)


Bike Sharing Blog

A guy in DC keeps track of bike sharing, apparently for a living: The Bike Sharing Blog.

DC plans to launch its SmartBikeDC program this month; all the racks should be in place by now. The pricing scheme is a bit different: $40 upfront and three hours free.


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