CNU on CNN: Norquist Touts Location Efficiency on "Issue #1"

As Americans are rousted from our collective 50-year torpor by ever-rising gasoline prices, newspapers and television stations around the country are finally realizing what we've known for a long time: location efficiency matters.

John Norquist, CNU's president and CEO, drove that point home on CNN's "Issue #1" segment on June 26, in this interview with host Gerri Willis:

Kudos, too, to CNN for showing the Center for Neighborhood Technology's Housing + Transportation Affordability Index site, which gives home buyers the same information that real estate investors consider: the combination of housing and transportation choices beyond the car/minivan/SUV is becoming a critical factor in affordability when gasoline hovers at $4.50 a gallon.

Visit the HTA site and check it out. Then help spread the word by posting links to it at your blog, or in diaries you might post at others' blogs, and in reader comment threads at your favorite (or local) newspapers.

(If you have trouble playing this video here, you can also view it at YouTube.)


Watch John Norquist on CNN's Open House this weekend

After the live appearance on Thursday, John and Gerri Willis continued the conversation. If CNN makes a clip available, we'll post it.


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