CNU's Freeways Without Futures list boosts online interest in teardowns

CNU's list of "Freeways Without Futures" has gotten quite a bit of web coverage since its release last week.

Wired's blog post gives a well rounded summary of the CNU initiative, and shared comments from John Norquist about the choice many cities have to not reinvest in highway and instead use that money to build better and smarter urban infrastructure, such as boulevards. In the article, Norquist notes, "Cities like San Francisco that have removed freeways and reclaimed waterfronts have turned them into magnets for people and investment."

A post from the Streetsblog had a nice write up as well, detailing NYC's own Sheridan Expressway and how it preserving it is getting harder to justify.

Here are some links to other articles reporting on this CNU initiative:


The LA Times Blog , Los Angeles, CA

Sightline Daily , Northwest

The Transbay blog , San Francisco and Bay Area

Buffalo Rising , Buffalo, NY

T4 America

The Broken Sidewalk Blog, Louisville, KY

The Stranger's Slog , Seattle, WA

Oregonian , Oregon

Treehugger, top environmental blog

Tri-State Transportation Campaign , NY, NJ, CT

Torontoist , Toronto, Ontario

The Courier-Journal , Louisville, KY

The Bellingham Herald , Bellingham, WA

The Washington City paper , Washington, DC

West Bronx Blog , New York, NY

CT Environmental Headlines Blog , Connecticut

Kicking Tires The Blog for Car Buyers


And the Blog Readers are Responding!

The user responses on these blog links are overwhelmingly positive. Some blogs are even taking the initiative in asking users for more freeway tear down suggestions, and in other places, the story has struck such a chord that people are offering new freeways for destruction absent of solicitation. This kind of buzz, and the response it has instilled, is exactly what CNU was looking for. Here are some user suggestions from the listed blogs:

In San Francisco:
The Remainder of the Central Freeway
The Urban 101 aka The James Lick, "or at least the Chavez Overpass"
I-80, the Eastshore Freeway
NYC, Manhattan:
The Van Wyck from Grand Central Parkway to the Whitestone
The Cross Island Parkway from the Clearview to the LIE
NYC, Brooklyn:
The Gowanus Expressway

Kudos to those running with the idea.

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Chicago's urban freeways

And we should be sure to add Lake Shore Drive and the Kennedy!


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