A Breakdown of California's SB 375

CP & DR has penned this neat, and extensive, breakdown of the new regional planning requirement guidelines that Gov. Schwarzenegger just signed into law. Highlights include how the law can be truly reforming, or it can be just another ignored piece of bureaucracy, depending on how localities choose to enforce it. It also breaks down the law into five easy-to-read elements:

1. Creation of regional targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction tied to land use.

2. A requirement that regional planning agencies create a plan to meet those targets, even if that plan is in conflict with local plans.

3. A requirement that regional transportation funding decisions be consistent with this new plan.

4. Tethering together regional transportation planning and housing efforts for the first time.

5. New CEQA exemptions and streamlining for projects that conform to the new regional plans, even if they conflict with local plans.



A Valuable Precurser

This editorial about SB 375 appeared in the San Jose Mercury newspaper. The positive editorial suggests that SB 375 must be passed in order to prepare Californians for a new age of low-carbon, smart growth.

Its good to know that this bill has already been passed.



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